Sunday, December 9, 2012

S W E A T E R? My kind of challenge

As you might already know I'm a shawls addicted, I've never counted how many shawls I have knitted during my "career". I'm not sure I want to know it either!
As a therapy to cure my condition I try to knit at least one sweater during every solar year. I was toward the end of November 2012 and there was no sweater on my needles. A strong action needed to be taken...

I have been reading on several Ravelry forums of this new Contiguous Method, I loved the FOs (finished objects) shared in so many Ravelry's projects pages. I wanted to try to knit a sweater with the contiguous too!

In the past I found myself with several UFOs (unfinished objects) and of course I'm referring to sweaters. I'm so bad, I feel guilty. In order not to have a UFS (unfinished sweater) sitting around the house I use some tricks. The most effective one is: Test Knitting one. If I have a deadline to respect, I'm a perfect pupil!

I did it. I test knitted a sweater with the "slanted contiguous method". I have to confess it was a challenge to understand the pattern. After a couple of false attempts and some great help from the designer and a new found raveller friend Daniela I'm finally wearing O N C E:

This is a winner. I will definitely knit more sweaters with the slanted contiguous. It follows the natural lines of the shoulders much better then the classical reglan sweater. 


  1. How lovely... great new pictures to show this beauty... it fits you perfectly :) Now, will you knit more sweaters with the contiguous method?

  2. Thanks for you kind words. Yes I will definitely knit more sweaters, it's my 2013 new year's resolution :)