Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Scipio Africanus

Moving to the States has been a learning process, a daily: "Oh really, they do it like this here????"
Moving back to Italy is a: "Why do they copy what's done in the States?"

Summers in Italy are long and hot, I might not enjoy it but it is what it is. The media used to tell you what to expect and pass to the next news. Now the weather has become a big deal, they give us millions of details we could avoid to know... The reason I'm writing about it is because now they give a name to the heat wave, like they do in the States for the hurricanes. Are you kidding me? Last week we had Scipione l'Africano. Africa for Italians evokes the brutal heat, the desert and the lack of rain. So when the Italians meet at the main bar in a Piazza, just saying: "How do you handle the African?" they explain all the phatos and the suffering. The American meteorologist just follow the alphabetic order!!! 

How did I handle l'Africano??? I spent a day by a pool, a day on the beach and a day up in the mountain. All the above with my secret summer knitting project of course. It's a blanket, knitted with short rows and in cotton. It's taking way longer I had expected. L'Africano is making my life very hot and sweaty but I have a deadline I can't put the needles down! Air conditioning is not an option, Italians love to suffer. 

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